SentrumGlobalTrade, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, The Greater Dallas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, key sponsors and collaborative partners are proud to host the 2018 International Business Summit.  

Dallas Fort Worth: Bridging Latin America-Asia Trade

 Thursday, November 1, 2018

at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  

This one-day summit brings together local and global trade leaders from both the public and private sectors, to focus on how Dallas Fort Worth's global and regional competitiveness can increase business opportunities between Asia and Latin America, and how transnational organizations support and help advance global business efforts.

Invited Countries:

The Pacific Alliance founding nations: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru;                         Prospective Associate nations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore;  and       Observer nations: India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.                  Other: Hong Kong, China

Who Should Attend:

Business executives, government representatives, and international trade leaders from industries involved in the production and distribution of high-tech commodities, biotech products, pharmaceuticals/life sciences, perishable goods, and higher value manufactured commodities. Our combination of executive discussion panels and business-to-business matchmaking sessions provide attendees with face-to-face interactions between across different industries, companies, and individuals. 

About the International Business Summit 

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas is among the top 4 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. in population and one of the highest in economic output. It’s an innovative international hub for banking, commerce, telecommunications, technology, logistics, and distribution. It’s rich in oil, gas deposits, and a leader in wind power. The region’s quality of live, diverse and skilled labor force, low cost of living, business-friendly climate and absence of corporate and personal income taxes had made the region home to several Fortune 500 companies.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is one of the region's biggest economic engines, and a central force behind the growth and development of the North Texas region transforming the area into one of the most prosperous and vital economies in the country. Within its 17,000 acres of land, it serves businesses with their operations, concessions, industrial parks, and Foreign Trade Zones.

The Pacific Alliance is the economic and commercial integration of Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru with the purpose of forging closer relations amongst themselves and the Asia Pacific region, by free circulation of goods, services, capital, and people to be more competitive. On June 2017 the P.A. admitted Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore as associate members in a first step to broadening the reach of its trade flows and investments. The U. S. is an observer country among 55 countries.  

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