Past Summit Chaired by Sentrum International Consulting
Dallas Fort Worth: The New Crossroads for Latin America- Asia Trade
DFW International Airport, Texas

Remarks from Global Business Leaders

"It was a pleasure in being able to contribute to our regional integration. Congratulations on an excellent event." Francisco de La Torre, Consul General of Mexico in Dallas
"There were some valuable contacts made that will foster our interaction in the international trade market." Trina Zais, AICP, MPA, Director of Public Services/Economic Development
"It was a pleasure having the opportunity to attend “The New Crossroads for Latin America-Asia Trade Summit”.  It was a very informative and excellent networking event." Robert Xavier Chavez,
Broker & Principal, The Alta Vista Group
"Having attended many conferences over the years as a participant, panelist and moderator, I know how difficult it is to encourage open and frank discussions on complex and/or politically charged topics. The fact that you were able to achieve this level of interaction is a tribute to both Sentrum and to the commitment from DFW Airport as the principal sponsor.  Based on the success of this edition, I would look forward to additional conferences focused on placing DFW squarely in the center of Asian/Latin America/US trade. Congratulations again on a terrific job." Michael Keough - General Manager Downing Teal Colombia

Picture Source: Sentrum International Consulting Archives

Past Summits Co-Chaired by Sentrum International Consulting

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Picture source: GDHCC/ MDArchives

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