For Immediate Release: September 21, 2016

International Business Summit to focus on Dallas Fort Worth role in global and regional business growth.
Global business and trade leaders to highlight business opportunities Asia, Latin America and North Texas. 
(DFW AIRPORT, Texas – September 21, 2016) –Sentrum International Corporation along with presenting sponsor DFW International Airport, will host the 4th annual International Business Summit, October 11, 2016, highlighting the role the Dallas Fort Worth region holds in the global economy.  Dallas Fort Worth: The New Crossroads for Latin America-Asia Trade, will emphasize business opportunities between Asia, Latin America and North Texas.  This full day forum will feature sessions with key trade experts, one-on-one business matchmaking, and a cargo tour of the airport’s facilities.

Since DFW International Airport serves as one of America’s most important transportation hubs, the potential for business with the expanding trade agreements is growing exponentially. Asia accounts for more than one-half of air cargo trade with DFW International Airport and air cargo to and from Latin America grew 730% between 2011 and 2014. For this reason, the International Business Summit will prove to be an essential networking event for international trade professionals, logistics specialists and those interested in expanding their global reach.

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